Building A Home? 4 Reasons To Consider An Indoor Garage Door

Posted on: 4 April 2016


Are you building a new home? Are you interested in adding some unique, yet functional architectural features into it? If so, now's a great time to consider an indoor garage door. Indoor garage doors can serve as room dividers or as large entryways between your indoor and outdoor space. Take a look at these 4 reasons why an indoor garage door would work great for your new pad.

1. They Offer Increased Space (When You Want It)

Homeowners often find a discrepancy between how much space they'd like to have in their home and how much space they're willing to pay to heat and cool. By installing a garage door on an exterior wall of your home and allowing it to open to your yard or patio, you can increase or decrease your space on a whim. When you're entertaining guests, a simple push of a button will allow your indoor and outdoor space to become one. When those guests leave, push the button again, and you're back to a modest-sized kitchen or living room.

2. They Offer Plenty Of Insulation

Today's garage doors offer better insulation than ever before. Using expandable polystyrene or polyurethane foam, they can block out cold air in the winter and warm air in the summer, thus allowing you to maintain comfortable temperatures inside your home all year round. No matter what climate zone your home is located in, it is recommended that your walls have an R-value of 13. With garage doors on the market that boast R-values of up to 18, you can easily meet those recommendations. Just be sure to have your indoor garage door installed by professionals so there aren't any gaps where wind can pass through, and have it inspected regularly. 

Do you want all-glass garage doors to allow natural light to flow into your home? That's not a problem, either; the glass window panels on the market today are nearly as energy efficient as standard walls.

3. They're Totally Customizable

If you want your indoor garage door to serve as a solid wall when it isn't open, opt for a single-panel solid door with no windows. If you'd rather your indoor garage door serve as windows, go with an all-glass door. If you favor the natural light a glass garage door would provide but don't want to sacrifice privacy, you have the option of frosted or tinted window panels. 

You'll also get to choose the color of your garage door and/or the material type and color of its frame. No matter what the style of your new home, there's an indoor garage door that can match it and add to its charm.

4. They're So Secure

If you live in a hurricane-prone or high-crime area, you may be concerned about the durability of garage doors when considering installing them in your home. Don't be. Today's high-security, hurricane-proof doors are put through vigorous testing to ensure nothing is getting past them without you knowing it. In Florida, for example, no garage door is labeled hurricane-proof unless it can withstand hurricane-force winds and survive having a 9 lb. piece of lumber shot at it at 34 miles per hour. 

Security testing standards will vary by state. Visit your local garage door installation specialists at a company like Shank Door to find out the security rating their garage doors offer and what type of testing the doors must go through to earn that rating.

If you're building a home and you want it to have unique, functional features in it, consider installing an indoor garage door. Indoor garage doors offer a secure and affordable way to unite your indoor and outdoor spaces.