4 Garage Door Features Ideal for Office Conversions

Posted on: 19 April 2016


Instead of using a garage to store cars, many people like to convert the area and give homes additional square footage of useful space. A lot of times, the garage is a great location for a home office conversion. If you work from home and use the garage for an office, then the garage door is an important aspect of the office design. Instead of just installing a basic solid door, you can have a garage door with four different features that cater to your office needs. Each of these features is ideal for office comfort, garage access, and energy savings.

Built-in Pedestrian Door

Instead of accessing the garage through a home or opening the door fully every time, you can have a garage door company install a built-in pedestrian door. This is a standard door that swings open from the garage and looks more like a traditional door on a home. One of the main differences on these doors from regular doors is handle access. The door handles will often be flat or built into the door itself. This prevents the handle from hitting the top of the garage or causing problems when the door is fully open.

Not only will the built-in pedestrian door give you easy access to the office, but it can save the time it takes to fully open and shut the whole garage. For security purposes, the doors can be installed with multiple locks, including deadbolts that are installed in the garage frame.

Garage Door Barrier Locks

When you're using the garage as a home office, you will have a lot of valuable items kept on the inside. Help protect computers, TV monitors, printers, and other devices by having a barrier lock installed on the garage. A barrier lock extends horizontally across the garage door and attaches to a secure lock that is built into the garage walls or floor. The steel barrier prevents anyone from lifting the garage or manipulating the garage door opener. For added security, barrier locks can be installed across the center of the garage door and on the bottom. When you need to access the door, it's easy to open the barriers and operate the garage door as usual.

Window Installations

Instead of using all artificial light inside your garage office, you can increase natural light options with window installations. Increasing the natural light inside of your work area has a number of benefits including better work performance, better sleep, and better health overall. Garage doors have a number of window panel options. To get light inside your office and still have privacy, you can choose from tinted or frosted window panels. Panels are typically installed over the top area of the garage in place of the regular panels. Double-paned windows can help block out street sounds and improve the climate control within the garage.

Insulation Garages

Many garages are not built to provide the same climate control and insulation as the rest of the home. This can result in a really hot office during the summer and a really cold room during the winter. Help manage temperatures and air leaks by choosing high-quality garage insulation options. There are three areas where insulation can be used on your garage. Inside the door frame itself, you can have insulation packed in. The bottom of the garage door can feature a seal and weatherstripping to cut off air leaks when the door is fully closed. The hinges and cracks between each section of the garage door can also be insulated. This helps prevent air leaks and will help save you costs on heating and cooling bills. When working with a garage door installation company, you can seek all of these insulation features on a single door.

By planning ahead, you can create a garage office space that works for your needs and has a nice operational flow. Talk to companies like A AAA Allstate Door Company for more information about your options.