Understanding Two Types Of Security Gates You Can Add To Your Property

Posted on: 13 March 2017


If you want to add protection to your property, either in front of your driveway or in front of your garage, you may want to think about adding a security gate. Security gates are closing metal gates that are typically used on commercial properties to seal them off from intruders. However, the gates can also be used in smaller versions on residential spaces to enhance security. There are several different basic gate varieties that you can choose from. Keep reading to learn about a few options and also about the benefits of each gate.

V Groove Gates

Sliding gates are the most common installations to protect a property, and v groove varieties are often the ones that are chosen. These gates are typically larger and are used to protect properties with wide front access. The gates also open up across a larger area in case you need to bring heavy machinery, an RV, a tractor, or another type of large vehicle onto the property. 

V groove gates roll open and sit parallel and to the side of the fence or gate as the front panel moved to the left or right. The gates move on roller wheels that sit on a track with a v-shaped groove down the center. This is the reason why the gate is called a v groove variety.

The v groove gates are fairly simple with a basic motor that pulls the front gate open. The gates can be created in different lengths and heights to meet your specific needs. This means you can have a much smaller gate opening or a taller one if you like. However, the gates are not a good choice if you need to open and close the gate on a daily basis. Since the wheels are close to the ground, they can wear easily and also become encrusted with debris. This is also true of the v groove track. 

The gates are a good choice if you want to close off a back or side entrance of your property, for example, while still being able to access the area on occasion. Also, the gates can be added to a main area, like a garage. You will need to be diligent about maintenance. You also may need to change the wheels on the moving part of the gate regularly. 

Basic Swing Gates

If you want to use your gate often, then a swing gate may be a better choice. However, this is only a good idea in an area where there is more than enough room for the gate to maneuver either outward or inward. You will need to consider the basic dimensions of the opening you want and the space needed for the gate to open at a 90 degree angle since most will do this.

Also, you need to think about the space and whether or not it is a better idea to have two separate doors that open or just one. For example, if you want a wide 20 foot opening, then you will also need 20 feet of space in front of or behind the gate. If you do not have this space, then you can have two swing doors installed instead that each take up about 10 feet of space on the right and left side of the door. Of course, this scenario also requires a clear path on both sides of the swing doors. Keep these things in mind when making your choice. 

The swing doors do not move on a track like the v groove gate. They will instead have one of three different types of operators to move the doors, and the type of operator affects how much space you need.

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