Keeping A Garage Door Functional

Posted on: 5 April 2017


No matter how great your garage door functions, it is likely that you will experience problems at some point. Although it is common for a garage door to become problematic after time passes by, there are still things that can be done to keep it functional before anything happens. Simply pay attention to the main parts of the door to make sure they are in good shape. You can hire a professional from a company like Georgia Garage Doors Inc. to inspect your door every now and then in case there are problems arising that can be repaired before they get out of control. Below, you are going to learn about the parts of a garage door that should be occasionally inspected to prevent untimely problems from developing.

Keep the Tracks Aligned & Secure

It is important to make sure that the tracks to your garage door are all aligned. A door might struggle to move up and down when the tracks are misaligned. If the alignment problem is severe, the door can stop moving altogether until the problem has been fixed. It is also a good idea to make sure that all screws that are in the tracks are as tight as they can be. Screws that stick out can interfere with door movement.

Make Sure the Rollers Can Fully Rotate

The rollers are located on both sides of your garage door, and they play an important role in how well it is able to move. Rollers are usually constructed out of metal, and they can become rusty as time passes by. When your garage door is inspected, make sure the rollers are examined to make sure they can rotate fully. A professional can also determine if any of the rollers are loose or need to be replaced.

Get All of the Sensors Cleaned

There are sensors at the bottom of each side of your garage door. The sensors are located on the wall and must be functional, or your door can stop moving. Dirt is one of the main things that can cause problems with the sensors. You can get into the habit of cleaning the sensors on your own, or a professional can come and take care of the task on your behalf.

Ensure That the Torsion Springs Are Coiled

Your garage door has one or more torsion springs, depending on the model. Normal wear and tear can lead to the springs becoming uncoiled, which can cause the door to move too fast. The uncoiled springs are also at risk of snapping and possibly causing harm. Occasional inspections can keep you on top of the condition of the springs in case repairs or replacements are necessary.