Garage Door Giving You Trouble? It May Be One Of These 3 Problems

Posted on: 29 August 2017


You may love the convenience of an automatic garage door, but anything with moving parts is bound to break at some point. If your home's garage door is no longer operating correctly, it could be one of these three problems:

Incorrect Remove Programming

Your home's garage door may have worked correctly from the first day it was installed thanks to an installation team that was sure to program all of your remotes correctly. However, there may come a day where these devices stopped working.

For instance, the remote opener that you use may have lost its signal programming when the battery died. You may have accidentally put the remote into program mode and altered the code, or one of your kids missed with the programming without you knowing.

It's a good idea to get out the instruction manual and make sure that everything has been properly programmed. The garage door manufacturer can assist you if you are having trouble reprogramming the remote on your own.

Malfunctioning Safety Settings

Garage doors are designed to automatically reverse the closing process if the mechanism encounters anything that is underneath the path of the door. This is a safety feature to protect children from having a door accidentally closed on top of them and cause an injury. Unfortunately, the door may be getting stuck on something and activating the safety mechanism unintentionally.

Check the tracks to see if anything is obstructing the path of the door. Even a bent track can cause enough resistance to cause the door to go into reverse. There may even be sensitivity settings that are set too high, which would cause the door to reverse directions when the path is clear.

There could also be an issue with the electric eye that will open the door if something crosses the path. Something as simple as a dirty electronic eye can cause this safety mechanism to trip accidentally.

Worn Down Motor

Your home's garage door sees a lot of use over the years. Every time you leave and come home the door must operate 4 times to open and close it. When you factor how many times you leave your home, it is surprising that a garage door opener can last as long as it does.

A door that won't open could require replacement or repair of the motor. Even if your garage door opener has a warranty, you may still need professional help to handle the replacement of it. Contact a broken garage door repair company for more information and assistance.