4 Garage Door Safety Tips To Protect Yourself And Your Family

Posted on: 24 April 2018


The garage door can sometimes be a part of your home that you take for granted even if you are normally good at performing regular home maintenance tasks. But your garage door requires regular maintenance, not just to keep it operating efficiently, but also to keep it working safely. You don't want to find out there is a problem with your garage door by having an accident occur. Here are four garage door safety tips to keep in mind.

Check the Reverse Mechanism

Every modern garage door has multiple safety sensors that act as a reversal mechanism if something walks under the door while it is closing. You should inspect these sensors at least every couple of months or so and make sure they are still operating properly. To do this, go to close your garage door while there is a piece of plywood or another object you don't mind damaging, and then let your door move towards it. The door should reverse when it gets to the object and go back to an open position.

The Garage Door is Not a Toy

If you have kids, you need to educate them as soon as they are old enough so that they know the garage door is not something to mess around with. Tell them to make sure they never put their fingers near the door when it is in motion (or at all). Also be sure that all garage door remotes are kept in a secure location where your children can not reach them.

Clear the Tracks

Your garage door's tracks can accumulate debris over time. If you let the situation get out of control, you could create a dangerous situation while your door is trying to open or close. Sweep the tracks with a toothbrush if needed, and oil up the moving parts with a lubricant so that it can get through easily.

Don't Give Your Password Out

If your door has a passcode system, keep it between you and your spouse. This is more an anti-theft tip than a garage door tip, but it's worth including here. Too many homeowners give out their password to family and friends so they can get into the home when needed. Do this too often, and it might come back to haunt you one day.

For the best chance of keeping your garage door working safely, get a full inspection by a contractor who offers garage door services -- like those at Eudy Door Co. An annual inspection can help you catch a problem before it occurs and protect your family in the process.