Garage Door Opening By Itself? Why This Could Be

Posted on: 19 May 2021


A garage door opener is designed so that when you press a button the garage door will open and close. Ultimately, this reduces the strain and stress — not to mention inconvenience — of having to do said task manually. However, there are certain instances when the door may open on its own without pressing the button on your remote. This is often referred to as phantom operation, and it is something that should be addressed with repair by a professional. After all, it is a significant safety and security concern. Keep reading to learn why this particular problem may be occurring so you can understand why repair is necessary and what steps you may be able to take.

Old Batteries

A common and simple problem that can cause this type of issue with your garage door is the condition of the batteries inside of the door opener. Unfortunately, batteries do not last forever, and when they wear out, they could cause your garage door to open involuntarily. If it is your batteries, then you can switch the old ones out with new ones and take care of the problem. However, if this does not handle the problem, you will need to contact a garage door repair company.

Stuck Buttons

It is possible that the age of the actual opener could be causing the problem with the door. As the opener itself gets older, the buttons may start to stick and become difficult to use. You can speak to a repairman to find out if this is indeed causing the problem and what the next steps are in terms of repair.

Circuit Board Issues

If the garage door opener is working properly, then the circuit board is going to also be operating with no issues. If there is an issue with the circuit board, then the installation of a new board is going to the next course of action in order for things to get back to proper working order. This is not a repair task that can be handled by the homeowner. Instead, you are going to need to contact a garage door repair company to perform an inspection and the repair to ensure that everything is handled properly.

Wiring Problems

Another possible cause for the garage door opening and closing on its own is a short in the wiring. The wiring problem could be a wire short in the wire that connects the motor to the operating button, or it could be a wiring issue with the safety sensors.

The aforementioned issues are all problems that could relate back to the garage door opening and closing by itself. Regardless of the cause, it is going to require that you contact a garage door repair company for professional repairs to prevent safety or security issues. Contact a garage door repair service for more information.