Why You Should Get A New Garage Door Before You Put Your Home On The Market

Posted on: 12 August 2021


If you're preparing your home to go on the market, there are all sorts of things that you can do to make it more enticing to prospective buyers. When it comes to your garage, you may be thinking about cleaning this space thoroughly and decluttering. Another job to consider is replacing the garage door. A lot of peoples' doors show signs of wear over the years, and while repairing some of the issues may be an option in certain situations, you can't go wrong with a new door. Contact a local garage door company to discuss your options and ensure that they can install a new door before you list your home. Here are some reasons to get a new door.

Curb Appeal

People who are thinking about buying your home will begin forming opinions about it when they look at your online listing. If your garage door looks worn or outdated in the photos, this can be a concern to some prospective buyers. A new garage door will be beneficial for your home's curb appeal — both in your online images and when people visit for an open house or a scheduled showing. Your garage door company can even look at the front of your home and make some suggestions about what color of door would work well, which could ensure that it offers as much curb appeal as possible.

Improved Function

People who are serious about buying your home will test the function of all sorts of things throughout the residence. This may include opening and closing the garage door either during a private showing or during a home inspection. If the door is old, this task may not be as easy as some people would like. For example, perhaps the door is extremely creaky when it goes up or down, or maybe it doesn't roll very smoothly. When the door is new, you can be confident that it will work smoothly for whoever checks it.

No Issues With Weather

The trim at the bottom of an old garage door can often be in poor condition, which may allow water to flow under the door during heavy rainfall. It would be a nightmare scenario to have people checking out your home during a storm, only for them to notice a puddle in the garage from rainwater. You can avoid such a risk with a new garage door. Its bottom trim will form a solid seal against the floor of your garage, helping to keep rainwater outside of the garage.

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