Buying A New Garage Door? Consider These 3 Things

Posted on: 15 December 2021


Have you decided to upgrade your garage door, but not sure what your options are? It will help to know what to consider when you narrow down your selection.

The Type

The type of garage door often depends on the size of the existing door's opening and how you want the opener to work. Sectional garage doors will roll up to the top of the garage while they are out of the way when the door is open and are incredibly common with residential homes. Side sliding garage doors operate in the same manner, but the door goes to the side of the garage rather than the ceiling when the door is open. A side-hinged garage door opens like two double doors that meet in the middle. Tilt-up garage doors are one solid piece that pivots upward and creates a canopy in front of the door when it is open. 

The Material

You want a material that is going to be durable, easy to maintain, and can hold up based on the weather where you live. Steel can be a wonderful option for those that live in areas that see hurricanes because it can resist those high winds without being damaged. However, steel is not the best for those that live near the coast and are next to seawater, since the material can corrode. An aluminum door will be a better choice for people that live near the ocean because of how it resists corrosion. Steel and aluminum can also be painted any color that you want down the road.

Fiberglass doors are great for climates that see extreme high and low temperatures. The material is a good insulator, which will help regulate the temperature of the garage quite well. Wood doors focus on beauty and durability, all while being more expensive than other materials. Wood doors run the risk of cracking when exposed to extreme temperatures though, so it may not be a practical choice.

The Style

The aesthetics of a garage door is always important because you want the door to match your existing architectural style. When you are not sure what kind of aesthetics you want, it helps to take a look at your garage door from the street and think about what you want to be different. Do you want a splash of color, or do you feel like the design is too plain? This can help guide your decision. 

You can add arch-top windows to a door to prevent it from looking like a solid piece of metal or wood. The windows also add some natural light to the garage if it is currently lacking windows. Carriage door hardware can also be added to a door for decorative purposes only by adding hardware that doesn't serve a function.

For more information on residential garage doors, contact a company near you.