Why Attempting To Fix Damaged Garage Door Springs On Your Own Is A Bad Idea

Posted on: 6 April 2022


As a homeowner, completing some home projects on your own is a good way to save money and utilize your creative abilities. But being a responsible homeowner also requires you to know which jobs you can DIY and which ones need the pros. For example, trying to fix damaged or broken garage door springs is difficult and outright dangerous. Below are four reasons you shouldn't attempt a DIY garage door spring repair or replacement. 

Torsion Springs Can Snap

To support the huge weight of garage doors, torsion springs are often under enormous pressure and tension. If you aren't careful during repairs, the spring could snap and release all that tension. Busted springs are strong enough to break your fingers, cause large holes in drywall, or dent your car. 

The Garage Door Could Fall

While repairing or replacing garage door springs, you should be careful to handle the garage door carefully. Any small mistake and the 200 pounds door could drop on your feet to send you to the Emergency Room. Worse still, the door could break off completely to fall on anything around. Imagine the damage if the massive door dropped on your car, your boat, or in the worst-case scenario, your loved one. 

Risk of Installing the Wrong Spring

Even if you manage to remove your broken garage door spring without harming yourself or your property, you still have to ensure you install the correct spring. This can be complicated for someone who isn't a garage door expert. 

Apart from choosing the right spring, you'll need to calibrate the spring to ensure proper door movement. If the calibration is wrong, the door will not move smoothly and may even be damaged, leading to a premature replacement. 

It Could Cost You More

Since you aren't a garage door technician, any attempt to fix the springs will be trial and error. In most cases, DIYers rush to YouTube videos to determine what might be wrong with their springs. Unfortunately, the problem highlighted in the DIY video may not be specific to your garage door, so you may end up doing improper repairs. 

If a garage door spring isn't installed correctly, it won't take long before other problems pop up and you have to seek repairs. These repairs cost you time and money. 

Not to forget that garage door spring repair will require you to get some specific tools or parts for the job. These tools aren't cheap, and you may never have to use them again. Overall, hiring a professional for a garage door spring repair or replacement seems like the more cost-effective option.