5 Signs That You May Need A New Garage Door Opener

Posted on: 29 June 2022


Your garage door opener makes your life easier and more convenient. Although openers have a long working life, they will eventually need to be replaced. Know the signs so you can replace them before major issues occur.

1. Frequent Reversals

Every automatic garage door is equipped with safety sensors designed to reverse a closing door if a blockage is detected. If the door begins to reverse even when there is no blockage, the first task is to have them readjusted. If reversals continue, then the safety system may be suffering a more severe failure and replacement of the opener should be done to avoid an accident.

2. Failure to Respond

When you press the opener button the door should respond immediately. If the batteries in the remote are charged and there is power to the opener, then there is likely a bigger issue causing the failure. For a newer opener, it may make sense to call in a tech to troubleshoot and repair the problem, but an older model is often simply due for replacement once it fails to work properly.

3. Excessive Vibration

Modern garage door openers tend to run with little to no vibrations. If the door, opener, or both are vibrating noticeably—especially if this is a new issue—then something is wrong. Sometimes the problem is minor and repairable, such as a door that has come out of balance. In other cases, the issue is due to the opener itself, perhaps because of a failure in the motor or in the drive that raises and lowers the door. 

4. Loud Noises

Older openers tended to be loud and rumbling, and even modern openers make some noise when operating. If the noise changes, such as becoming louder or more severe, then there is a problem. Loud squealing, rattling, and grinding noises can all indicate that it is time to replace an old garage door opener. This is even more likely if the noises occur in conjunction with vibrating or operation failures. If the noise is caused by anything other than the need for lubrication or door balancing, then plan on a replacement. 

5. Door Replacement

Sometimes the opener works fine, but you may be planning on getting a new garage door. You may be able to continue to use the old opener with the new door in some cases, such as if you are replacing it with a similar door type or transitioning to a lighter-weight door. If you are upgrading to a heavier wooden door or insulated door, though, the older opener may not have the power to work properly so it will require replacement. 

Contact a professional if you are ready for a garage door opener replacement.